What’s next for The Green Vic?

After our hugely successful three month pop that ended on September 15th, we are currently seeking investment for a permanent site.

Thank you so much for everyone who came and supported us, you really did help us get one step closer to our goal of getting a permanent site and ultimately helping more people and charities in the long term.

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If you would like to invest in The Green Vic, please contact randy@betterworld.love

Thank you all again for helping us start this epic journey and cheers to a better world.



We just want to make the world a better place and to be as ethical as possible in everything we do. We are not perfect and still have lots of room for improvement but here are some of the cool things we do to help improve the planet:

Charitable Activities:

Nominated Charity

We donate a portion of our profits monthly to Hackney Foodbank because they are a few minutes walk from the pub and have a huge positive social impact to our local community by working towards stopping hunger and poverty in Hackney

Feed the Homeless Night

Every Monday night we do a pre-booked supper club that feeds the homeless and helps them find employment by networking after the meal, thanks to our partnership with Crisis

Charity of the Week

Every week we will also have a charity of the week that we will raise awareness and money for from our midweek quiz night/fundraisers and at our Better World Brunch every Saturday

Our daily routine


We employ vulnerable people such as the homeless, thanks to our partnership with Crisis, Change Please and Only a Pavement Away and people with disabilities, thanks to our partnership with Unity Kitchen

Drinks Menu

We help over 40 different charities just on our drinks menu alone , so every drink you buy makes the world a better place

Food Menu

Our delicious plant based food menu is seriously good for your health, the environment and animals

Zero to Landfill

We’re zero to landfill, so everything is either recycled, composted or turned into energy thanks to our partnership with Simply Waste Solutions

Carbon Neutral

We’re carbon neutral by offsetting all our carbon emissions, thanks to our partnership with Clean Energy UK. This is not great, we would ideally love to switch all our energy for the premises to green energy but we do not own the building so had to make this compromise

Toilet Paper

Our toilet paper is made from zero trees (100% recycled paper) and helps build toilets, clean water projects and sanitation projects worldwide, thanks to our partnership with Who Gives a Crap (great name!)

Washroom Soap

Our hand soap in the toilets is made by Clarity, a non profit that predominantly employ people who are blind or have disabilities


Our accountant (www.veganaccountants.co.uk) gives money back to animal welfare charities and only works with ethical companies, such as non profits and vegan businesses

Dog Treats

We are a dog friendly pub and love to give free treats to any good doggos that comes to the pub. Not only are the treats by Beautiful Joe’s absolutely delicious but they also match the amount of packets we buy and give that amount to rescue dog centres. We have chosen to give ours to Battersea Dogs Home


Our straws are made from wheat steams, the natural by-product from wheat harvesting. There are many great alternatives out there, such as bamboo, aluminium, glass, paper and even edible straws but we believe wheat is the best option for a pub and has a low environmental impact when producing it too, compared to the alternatives. Big companies you have no excuse nowadays, so get rid of you plastic straws and choose the planet over profits!!

Pro Tips and Advice

We want to help people and businesses be more ethical so please contact us or pop in for a chat if you would like any advice or pro tips on how you can help make the world a better place.

We have purposely mentioned all our partnerships above and on the drinks menu so they are easy for you to find, use and collaborate with if needed.