Happy Hour

What’s next for The Green Vic?

After our hugely successful three month pop that ended on September 15th, we are currently seeking investment for a permanent site.

Thank you so much for everyone who came and supported us, you really did help us get one step closer to our goal of getting a permanent site and ultimately helping more people and charities in the long term.

Follow us on social media to stay informed of our progress.

If you would like to invest in The Green Vic, please contact randy@betterworld.love

Thank you all again for helping us start this epic journey and cheers to a better world.



  • Brewgooder, Craft Lager - 330ml £4.00

    Refreshing Craft Lager by a Non Profit who donates all their money to clean water projects in Africa via The One Foundation.


  • WHITE Bottle Only
  • Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc, Pico a Pico, Chile £15

    Fresh and fruity wine by Vinos Lautaro. Their Fairtrade Premium helps improve healthcare, education and sustainability via OXFAM Wereldwinkels in Lontué Valley, Chilesingle

  • RED Bottle Only
  • Fairtrade Malbec, Casa Solera Bonarda, Argentina £15

    A Full bodied juicy Malbec by Andean Vineyards. Their Fairtrade Premium helps improve healthcare, education and sustainability in their Argentinean farming communities

  • ROSE Bottle Only
  • Fairtrade and Organic Running Duck Rose, South Africa £15

    Sweet and fruity wine by Stellar Organics. A super sustainable winery who uses Indian Runner ducks for pest removal, instead of using pesticides. They also provide healthcare and infrastructure to their local community

2 for 10


25ml Gin served with Square Root Botanical Hop Tonic

  • GlenWyvis GoodWill Craft Gin

    Community-owned distillery that is powered by 100% green energy, mainly wind, hydro, biomass and solar. All byproducts are recycled or used as food for cows


25ml Vodka served with any Soft Drink mixer.

  • Heroes Vodka

    A Social Enterprises that employs injured veterans and donates money to The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund, ABF Soldiers’ Charity and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity


25ml Rum served with any Soft Drink mixer

  • Toti Famous Five White Rum

    Named after the Creole word for turtle, Toti donates 15% of their profits to marine conservation charities in the Caribbean, such as the Sea Shepard Conservation Group.