by The Green Grill

What’s next for The Green Vic?

After our hugely successful three month pop that ended on September 15th, we are currently seeking investment for a permanent site.

Thank you so much for everyone who came and supported us, you really did help us get one step closer to our goal of getting a permanent site and ultimately helping more people and charities in the long term.

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If you would like to invest in The Green Vic, please contact

Thank you all again for helping us start this epic journey and cheers to a better world.


Feelin’ Snacky?

  • CHKN BITEZ £5.00

    Our signature deep fried crispy and juicy chkn chunks with your choice of sexy sauce.
    Buffalo: American style cayenne buffalo sauce.
    Smokey: Classically smokey BBQ sauce. Vampire: Seriously garlicky vegan mayo sauce.
    +£1 Go higher - infuse any sauce with our raw CBD *Armour logo* oil.
    +£2.50 Add our spicy cajun seasoned chips.

  • CAJUN CHIPZ £3.00

    Our classic hand cut spicy cajun seasoned chips.

  • CHEEZ BITEZ £5.00

    Panko breadcrumb smothered sticks of hot and oozy cheez

Bad Boy Burgers

  • RED DEVIL £8.00

    Sweet potato, red kidney bean and herby coriander patty with roasted red pepper, peppery fresh rocket, cheez slice and homemade sriracha mayo. Bun: Red beetroot.

  • MIGHTY MEATY £8.50

    Super meaty soy based patty with crunchy red onion, sliced tomato, shredded iceberg lettuce, gherkins, cheez slice and our TOP secret GG burger sauce. Bun: Black charcoal.


    Peas, spinach, broccoli, red bell pepper and sundried tomato patty, cheez slice with homemade garlic and basil aioli, tangy pickled red cabbage and shredded iceberg lettuce. Bun: Green matcha.

  • SURFS UP £9.00

    Battered and deep fried nori wrapped tofu, shredded lettuce, crunchy red onions and creamy homemade vegan tartare sauce for a proper taste of the sea. Bun: Blue butterfly pea powder.

The Main Event

  • VDAWG £7.50

    Classic: Spiced Italian seitan sausage, classic sauerkraut, fried onions, mustard and ketchup. Bun: Turmeric.
    Spicy: Spiced seitan sausage, korean kimchi, smothered in a firey spicy sauce. Bun: Beetroot.


    Our signature chargrilled Chkn, lemon & coriander hummus, sliced tomatoes, crunchy red onions, fresh cucumber, shredded lettuce, tangy pickled cabbage, spicy chilli sauce and a proper vegan garlic aioli.
    +£1 Add some vegan halloumi if ya like


    Our signature chargrilled Chkn, shredded lettuce, fresh cucumber, sliced tomatoes, crispy fried croutons, parmesano cheez with our blow-your-mind homemade Caesar sauce.

  • CHKN WAFFLE £7.50

    Naughtier than naughty deep fried Chkn on a crisp but fluffy waffle with sticky maple syrup & peanut butter dips.

Sweet Tooth?

  • ROB´S PB WAFFLE £7.50

    Stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth peanut butter, fresh sliced banana, chocolate chips and whipped cream on a crisp and fluffy waffle.

  • CHEEZCAKE £6.00

    Our favourite cashew based, creamy lemon cheezcake with a fruity raspberry coulis.

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